Thursday, June 28, 2007

It is really amazing how people react in the face of problems. First I found that everyone was enraged, and wanted the problem fixed right away, even at the expense of anyone else. I really don't like this sort of mentality, as it is very selfish, and really just makes me feel wonder how many kind people are left in the world. After a while I noticed that this outwardly expression of selfishness really started to subside, and intern it was replaced by a sort of inward selfishness. and it really seemed to me that everyone (or at least most people) really were still dwelling on their problems, but at least they are doing it to themselves now. As people started to get bored or frustrated of dwelling on this problem that they have, they start in conversation with the people traveling with them, but its just the average frustrated conversation. Its at about this time that people start to realize that the other people around them are in the exact same situation as themselves. And this is the part I like because now everyone else starts to talk to each other and to get to know each other.I find it really interesting that people change so much in how they interact with each other. I really wish that we all could find a way to interact like this on more a a regular basis. Why do we as Americans find a need to not engage with other people unless forced to?