Thursday, June 28, 2007

We finally got though the Oklahoma City Airport security. We were selected to be "Randomly Searched." Which sounds rather harmless to most people, unless you have been "randomly Selected." First I was wandded and they inspected every piece of metal on my person, which solely consisted of the rivets on my jeans, and the ink pen in my pocket. Then since they could find anything wrong, and were so determined to find something, they decided that they needed to to physically pat me down and turn my pants inside out to inspect the inside of my jeans. When they couldn't find anything wrong with me, they decided to move along with bag. Being the geek that I am I had many adapters, cables, and such. He spent about 15 minutes running chemical tests on every single thing in my laptop bag. When he was finally done and went to put everything he couldn't remember how it was all to start with and just tossed it all back in a very messy way. It wasn't just me either, he also had to search my entire family. My 4 year old sister went through the normal security first, and went completely through. My mother followed, and was immediately told she had to be searched, They weren't even going to allow her to get my sister, until she was completely adamant that she must get her, before going on with the search. Then they wandded my 4 year old sister, and patted her down. That was completely inappropriate. No minor would be allowed to be searched like that without proper provocation, some computer thinking that your ticket number looks good to be searched is not nearly enough provocation for a search of this magnitude. They say that they do this to "protect me," that this is used to hopefully catch a suspected terrorist. The probability that they randomly select a ligament threat is extremely slim and completely useless for stopping any sort of threat.



Logan said...

Completely inappropriate what nerve of them. I wonder if it is possible to file a lawsuit against them. Not that im saying you should but would it hold up in court.