Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Apparently my school, Eastbrook, will be moving at least three of its computer labs to Linux. I'm curious to see witch distribution they choose, I think they either choose Ubuntu, or Knoppix. I put a section from the article below.


"Also at the meeting, the board voted unanimously to change an order with VARtek, the company that outfits its computers.

By October, three writing classes at the high school should be outfitted with computers running the Linux operating system.

Superintendent Jerry Harshman said the computers would be an added convenience so teachers won't need to take classes to computer labs to teach students how to use the operating system.

The project is being funded by a state grant."

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Lucas.Carter said...

"three writing classes"
that means, it's gonna be the three labs (probably) that are being put in spencer, hallis, and gobles scares me
i already have enough idiots asking me for help on windows stuff...this is gonna scare the crap out of the blondes at EHS

Lane said...

This is a good start... but now they need to get rid of Vartek completely.

Logan said...

I think this means it could be a weaker system. The only reason there isn't huge amount of viruses for Linux machines is because theres not a HUGE market. We will see 'm excited about the merge, but I'd be happier if we moved to OS X.