Wednesday, August 29, 2007

       There are many different symbols that could represent our current culture. One of the most important symbols would be the logo for Apple Inc. Both the original multi-color logo, along with the newer solid color logo are both very recognizable by almost anyone living this time period.
      The original muli-colored logo has been a symbol that represents computing in general. When people see something adorning the older Apple logo, they automatically know that whatever is adorning this logo is directly related to computers. Computers have also really been a very large defining motivator in our culture. Thus the Apple logo which symbolizes such a large motivator in our culture also will be a major symbol of our culture.
        The other is the solid color Apple logo. This is the logo that is used on the iPod, iPhone, and every other modern apple product. The iPod is one of the most used electronic devices used in our culture today, and with the iPhone destined to a similar fate. When people see this logo, almost anyone will automatically relate it to the iPod, or one of the other newer Apple products. With the social status that comes with the iPod, and the popularity of the entire series the iPod and subsequently solid color Apple logo deserve one of the top Symbols of the current culture.
      I believe that by these logos our culture will be remembered. The iPod, iPhone, and other iGadgets to come will all be remembered through these logos. And through these logos the major evolution of the computer industry, will be symbolized.


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