Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well I was able to use my iBook again for a while, until last night. I decided to run Software Update. Among the updates that were to be installed were Quicktime, iTunes, and a OS Security Update. In the process of updating something didn't go right and the Security Update was not able to install. I was then prompted to restart my computer which I did, and to my dismay it would not boot back up. It will go to the typical gray screen with the apple logo and sit there for a while. Then the apple logo is replaced by symbol. I thought that was very odd so I am putting a picture of it here.



Johnathon said...

Typically you see that when you get a hard drive failure. Could be a result of something else, but the majority of the time a hard drive replacement is in order.

A. Moore Photography said...

I was able to boot into Target Disk Mode fine and recover all my files. Hopefully its not my HDD. I'm gonna try to reinstall the OS!



Anonymous said...

well, if you're looking for help, i really can't give you any. but i can lend you some sympathy... : )